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Welcome to Pelican

Pelican Asset Manager (AM) offers Managed Account Services.

What are Managed Accounts Services?

We allow direct investment into some of the most exciting traders in the world - all from the comfort of your own ring-fenced investment account. This approach provides direct exposure to exciting traders from your own trading account.

Why is this useful?

- Unlike conventional asset managers - the Managed Account set-up we provide facilitates maximum flexibility to your funds at all times. You have the option to:

- Close accounts and withdraw funds whenever you like - making us a highly liquid investment.

- Your cash is ring-fenced held in dedicated client money accounts in accordance to FCA requirements

- You can customise the way your account trades - you have the option of increasing or decreasing your risk. Allowing you to increase or decrease your exposure to any strategy.

- You can plug in multiple strategies (funds) to your same account

- You can place your own trades on your account

For further details - please contact support: 020 3475 4516 or email us on support@pelican.am

Pelican AM is regulated by the FCA.